WESTLAW JAPAN Products Overview

Westlaw Japan is comprehensive Japanese online legal information service which covers wide variety of legal information and reference materials including legislation with versioning, cases, decisions, books and journals, bibliographies, news articles along with sophisticated search and display funcationalities.

Comprehensive Legislation and Cases Database for Legal Professionals

  • Legislations in all areas that are currently in force, abolished, or unenforced and bills necessary for both legal practioners and scholars. Information is updated within days after its promulgation on the Official Gazette.
  • The largest case coverage in Japan with over 250,000 cases (as of Jun 2015) including pre-world war II cases and 90% of the cases include abstracts. Value added editorial enhancement such as byline and flash commentaries, applicable legislation, related cases, judge information, and related news, etc are also available.
  • Online version of loose leaf publications by Shinnnippon Hoki Shuppan (Optional)

Provide comprehensive support for government officers to write laws and corporate legal specialists to handle legal matters.

  • Use special alerting features to receive an automatic email update for law revisions and the latest case information. Support risk management and compliance initiatives.
  • Connect directly to the Internal LAN so that all departments of your company can access the service not just the legal department.
  • Extensive coverage of decisions from the Japan Patent Office and Intellectual Property related information

Legal Information for Universities, Libraries, Educational/Academic institutions

  • Over 250,000 cases from pre-world war II to date (as of Jun 2015) including full-text cases and other value added editorial enhancements such as accurate and concise abstracts, byline and flash commentaries, as well as applicable legislations.
  • Cover articles from journals necessary for education and research including “Hanrei Times”, “Jurist digital edition”, “100 selected cases”, and “legal class room”.
  • Highly valued materials such as law reviews by University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, “Rule of Law” by Japan Bar Association, and “Toki no Horei” by Choyokai from the initial issue.

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