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Westlaw Japan is comprehensive Japanese online legal information service which covers wide variety of legal information and reference materials including legislation with versioning, cases, decisions, books and journals, bibliographies, news articles along with sophisticated search and display funcationalities.

Overview of Content and Coverage


Constitutions, Laws, Government and Imperial Ordinances, Ministerial Ordinances, Notices, Supreme Court Regulations, and Rules of the Houses.
*Bills and public comments are also covered.


  • Cases from the prewar era (such as Daishinin cases) to the present are covered.
  • Also, high value-added editorial information is provided that includes case full-texts, concise and accurate case abstracts, bibliographic information, commentaries, applicable legislation, related cases, information about judges, related news, and so on.

Decisions, etc.

Patent Office decisions, Fair Trade Commission decisions, National Tax Tribunal decisions, and Labour Relations Commission decisions are covered.

WLJP Book Shelf

  • Gendai Saiban-Ho Taikei (All 30 volumes)
  • Case and Law Books (22 titles)
    “From Viewpoint of Cases” series
    “Case Check” series
  • Theories and Practices of Intellectual Property Law (All four volumes)
  • Bessatsu Kinyu Shoji Hanrei (Four issues)

Books and Journals

“Hanrei Times” Case commentaries (From the first issue) “Hanrei Times Shuyo Minji Hanrei Kaisetsu (Major Civil Case Commentaries)” “The University of Tokyo Law Review” (All issues) “Hogaku Ronso” (Kyoto University) “Ho no Shihai” (Japan Bar Association) *Paid optional content “Toki no Horei” (Choyokai) *Paid optional content “Supreme Court Case Commentaries” *Paid optional content “Rodo Keizai Hanrei Sokuho (Labour and Economic Case Flash Report)” *Paid optional content

Bibliographic Information

Bibliographic information is provided by Nichigai Associates (journal articles) and the National Diet Library (books).

Yuhikaku Contents

  • Jurist
  • Hogaku Kyoshitsu
  • Hanrei Hyakusen series
  • Important Case Commentaries series
  • Basic Case Commentaries series
  • Minshoho Zasshi

Shoji Homu Contents

  • NBL
  • Shiryoban Shoji Homu
  • Theories and Practices of Intellectual Property Law (All four volumes)
  • Mutual links with the Jyunkan Shoji Homu database (i.e. dedicated database for members of Japan Institute of Business Law)


  • Real time news (Jiji Press)
  • News articles provided by Jiji Press are searchable. (However, the news article search function is a paid optional service.)

Shinnippon-Hoki Online

  • Traffic Accident Damage and Settlement Data File
  • Medical Lawsuit Case Data File
  • Theories and Practices of Intellectual Property Law (All four volumes)
  • Compensation for Damage Data File
  • Inheritance Lawsuit Case Data File
  • Leased Land and Building Dispute Date File
  • Practice Guide series, etc.
  • Publications of Shinnippon-Hoki (Loose-leaf books)

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Westlaw Japan(WLJP)

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Westlaw Japan(WLJP)

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